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Product Information:

The Purple Crush 18ft. Tall Water Slide with Pool is an exhilarating inflatable water slide that promises endless fun! Here are the exciting details:

  • Impressive Height: Standing at a towering 18 feet, this water slide commands attention. It’s perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages.

  • Pool Landing: The slide features a steep incline that adds to the excitement. As riders zoom down, they make a triumphant splash into the deep pool at the base.

  • Eye-Catching Design: Bursting with vibrant purple, blue, green, and gray hues, it’s a mesmerizing cascade of color. Lifelike palm trees guide the way down, enhancing the tropical vibe.

  • Perfect for Teens and Adults: While kids will love it too, this slide is best suited for teens and adults who crave an adrenaline rush.

Whether it’s a backyard party, a summer celebration, or a special event, the Purple Crush Water Slide promises unforgettable memories and epic splashes! 🌟💦🏠

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

32'L x 11'W x 18'H

Space Needed:

35'L x 14'W x 21"

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